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By unknown, Aug 21 2015 11:00PM

A small space such as a cozy apartment can still host a long and deep lounge if you know how to make it work. Its all about scale! Scale your sofa selection in relation to your room size and the furniture you already have in it. Think about volume and heights of existing features and look for a balance that works. Some times it means taking a peice out or swapping it for something more fitting to your new sofa. Here are some useful tips and visual tricks to set the proportions right.

Opt for a sofa with narrow or sloped arm profiles, these arms can make the whole sofa look slimmer and allow for extra seating space.

A low-seat sofa or even one with low backs will give the illusion of taller ceilings and a bigger space, if you like to sit up, you could choose a low fixed back and add your height with large scatter cushions in the same fabric instead of chunky back cushions.

Choose longer seat cushions; by opting for one or two seat cushions on a 3 or 4 seat sofa makes the space look less cluttered. Its also a lot comfier for the occasional overnight guest if you dont have a spare room.

If you can only fit a small sofa then opt for a couple of smaller pieces; a two seater couch or a love seat (1.5 seater) with an ottoman in a complimentary fabric that doubles as a coffee table or extra storage - or BOTH! A sofa with multiple functions such as a sofa bed or something offering extra storage space make for obvious considerations when dealing with small spaces, but try to extend the same thinking to the way you USE your sofa. If you're frequently entertaining a party of three friends, buying a love seat and a chair mightn't be as wise as buying a 2.5 seat sofa with no arms - this allows for one of those versatile storage/coffee table ottomans to double as an extra seat without a back on the end of the sofa. Or if you really want to champion the cause of loungeroom versatility, you could have a storage/coffee table/extra seat/BOX CHAISE ottoman... WITH REFRIDGERATION! Has this magnificent creation got anyone else thinking "Blue LED lights when opened" - There's no way I'm the only one who thought of that, am I right? Super-special-I-wouldn't-give-my-own-mother mates-rates for the first customer who makes this incredible ottoman a reality - but you must let me take pictures of it for "pimp my sofa". Pimp my sofa... Today is an ideas day, there's no doubt.

By Michael, May 23 2015 12:00AM

This is a chair recently produced by one of the factories we deal with. Fantastic or what? Haven't got a price yet, so give us a reason to chase it up! Call us and ask.

By Michael, Mar 31 2015 03:10AM

Whenever I meet designers or importers from overseas they will almost always make the observation that so many sofas in Australia are only ever bought in browns or shades - and it's so true! Year after year whenever a fabric manufacturer announces their most popular fabric for the year past it is a grey or an earthy tone that takes the title.

Why!? I mean, for many the reason is obvious, young families tend to lean towards dark colours or earthy colours in order to hide the inevitable stains that young children will create - but with Warwick's stain resistant Halo fabric ranges or even do-it-yourself Scotch-Guarding, can't we just have a little bit of adventure in the furnishings we put in our homes?

The same goes for shape and style; it seems that the square-arm-two-40-centimetre-scatter-cushion style is going to remain king here for a long time to come. Be a little bit adventurous. Show your character in the furnishings you choose for your home. Even if you want to design something a little bit different we can help you!

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Julia is the creative talent at Melbourne Sofa Broker. A practical interior designer with a decade's experience performing in-home consultations for the clientele of various soft furnishings retailers, Julia knows what people want. After having been rated by multiple demographics, her aesthetic values have proven almost universally respected; where many designers' works will be either loved or hated, Julia's conservative and classy approach has made her an exception in this regard.


Views expressed by Julia will almost always be strongly based on visual appeal, provided by the insightful perspective of her designer's eye.


While respectful of durability and comfort, Julia is still more likely to approve of a suite that looks comfortable than a visually misplaced suite that actually is comfortable- perhaps even forgetting to actually sit on the sofa entirely before making a judgement as to whether or not it belongs in the room it lives in. This is because love for design is simply embedded into who she is, her resulting successes in this field provide proof that she was born to do the work that she loves. 


Julia is available for in-home consultancy on behalf of Melbourne Sofa Broker. Click here to book an appointment.



Mick's experience is mostly drawn from his career in sales and marketing, much of which has been heavily involved in furniture retail and manufacturing. With 8 years experience in management, sales and marketing of mainstream furniture stores and chains, Mick knows all of the tricks as well as traps and has become reliable in his  predictions of what will be popular on a showroom floor and what will not.


You would be safe in saying that Mick is more inclined to study consumer patterns than fabric patterns. Insight and commentary in Mick's case comes from a "what sells & why" point of view, usually happier to share the opinions of talented interior designers rather than submit his own when it comes to commentary on design and aesthetics.


Mick is available for in-home consultancy on behalf of Melbourne Sofa Broker. Click here to book an appointment.