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As Independent Agents, we connect both private and trade clientele with custom sofa manufacturers from across Melbourne.

"Tailor-Made" Custom Sofas & Lounge Furniture

Custom Spec. Lounges - Theatre Suites - Recliners - Chairs - Ottomans - Electric Lift Chairs - Bed Frames  

Don't get caught!

Made the way they used to make em'

10 Year Frame & Foam Guarantees

The Executive

Around $2300 in full leather

10 Year Frame & Foam Guarantees, 3 Year Leather Warranty


10 Year

Structural Frame Guarantee


10 Year

Foam Integrity Guarantee


12 Months+

Fabric & Leather Upholstery Guarantees

Period varies based on the brand and fabric selected.

Our minimum guarantees

Many models have extended warranty options. Usually, we can extend structural warranty periods up to 20 years at a charge which varies model to model, extended warranty price is on average around 5% of the total purchase price.


We can provide extended fabric warranties in the form of fabric or leather care kits which come with them their own warranty periods, some even covering rips, tears & burns - issues not usually covered by standard warranties and more in the realm of insurance.


Currently, no extended warranty options exist for foam warranties.

Extending warranties & extras

* Required

It is important to understand the difference between a warranty and insurance. Over many years in furniture we have seen people attempt to make claims for some of the wildest reasons such as water damage from a broken pipe.


Basically, your warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials. Some defects in workmanship could take years to reveal themselves, and so the period of the warranty is set to cover discoveries revealed years after the purchase.


So if you sit on a sofa and the stitching pulls apart and exposes the fill in the back cushion, that is covered under your upholstery warranty. If your nephew visits over Christmas and sticks a pen through the stitching of your back cushion, this would not be covered.


Having said all of this, even if your lounge incurs damage outside of the bounds of your warranty, please contact us to see if we can help you regardless. We might know an easy fix or be able to help you at heavily discounted prices in order to show our appreciation of your business.

What's covered

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