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As Independent Agents, we connect both private and trade clientele with custom sofa manufacturers from across Melbourne.

"Tailor-Made" Custom Sofas & Lounge Furniture

Custom Spec. Lounges - Theatre Suites - Recliners - Chairs - Ottomans - Electric Lift Chairs - Bed Frames  

Made in Melbourne

Custom made & designer

Sofas and lounge furniture

Mates sleep on them. Children jump on them. TV remotes get lost in them.


One of the most used items of furniture in the house, for better or for worse, the sofa will often have significance in our lives.


Whether you are one who believes the interior of your home is an expression of who you are, or if you are the type who believes a couch is for lounging on; Melbourne Sofa Broker provides you with the customisation options you need to design a lounge to suit your lifestyle. Built by you, built for you, and from the ground up.

We've made customisation affordable.

Advertised on the internet - Delivered directly from the factory.      

Get the ball rolling

Sofas made to order

Step 1

Find or take photos of sofas that are similar to what you are looking for. You might only like them for their feet, but these photos are worth a thousand words when attempting to describe what you're looking for.

Step 2

Knowing the measurements of the space you're trying to fit your lounge into is crucial. Ideally you will be able to provide the measurements you would like for your sofa, however we're friendly people and more than happy to work with a floor plan- even if it is a make-shift one written on a napkin - we just need to know what kind of space you're working with.

Measure up


'Suran' Accent Chair.

Hand made & customisable.

Options available around $870.

tape-measure sofa-polaroid sofa-polaroid

Step 3

Fabric? PU? Leather? Will your cat love it as much as you will? While our manufacturers will be able to deal with most fabric suppliers, our preferred brand is Warwick Fabrics. Warwick have a large showroom located at 10 Sackville Street, Collingwood open to the public where you can browse their huge range of leathers, fabrics and other hardware and accessories.

Consider upholstery options


If you can't make it to Collingwood, don't worry too much, we have a number of leather and fabric options on display at our Noble Park warehouse and  bring a decent range of options to in-home consultations.

Knowing where to start can be tricky so here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Step 4

The ability to customise gives us the ability to almost any price point, however if our customers are able to indicate a budget when booking their consultation, the sofa design consultant can then  bring fabric, foam and hardware options which are likely to remain comfortably within the customers' indicated spend limitations. This is important as not all options can be transported from consultation to consultation and we always hope to bring the winning fabric along with us.

Know your budget

db_file_img_6063_140x140 db_file_img_5835_140x140


Designer Scatter Cushions

Any two cushions of your choice free

with any two piece lounge purchase*

Options available from $17


Warning: The below video clip contains music. If you're at work turn the speakers down first if necessary.

What's your style?

Step 5